Monday, September 12, 2011

Savages in Minnesota

Congratulations, Emily and Brian!
I spent this past weekend in Minneapolis, celebrating my cousin Emily's wedding.  I arrived Thursday night, and enjoyed a busy weekend of wedding gatherings and family visiting.  Technically, there were 13 Savages attending, including the notorious Four Savages.

I woke up Friday morning to my two energetic little nieces -- a great way to wake up!  Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner, which consisted of a nice dinner cruise around Lake Minnetonka with great views of the sunset.  Unfortunately, my camera died early on, but I was able to get a few good shots of the fam.  The fun continued at Maynard's, and I wish I did have a camera, because I could have captured Brian's impressive cartwheeling skills.
Sadie feigns sleep, looking very dramatic

She helped me take this shot of Brian and Macy
So, of course, Macy had to help me take one of Brian and Sadie

Family shot before we get on the boat.  (Just ignore my closed eyes and my arm amputation.  Everyone else looks great!)
A family shot with Grandma and our cousin, Mary (one of the maids of honor)
Nearly sunset on the lake
On Saturday, I enjoyed another fun morning with the girls, then lunch with the rest of the Ohio Savages.  Then, we all headed over to the home of my Aunt LeeAnne and Uncle Harry, where the wedding took place.
The girls enjoyed going through my suitcase
Clearly, they had lot's of fun :)
Macy is a Minnie-Mouse-chocolate-chip-pancake-eating machine.  (She also loves sausages.)
Sadie shows off her new Olivia doll -- a reward for her potty-training successes
Aubrey and Kevin, experiencing Don Pablo's
Aubrey is a sopapilla-eating machine
Mom and KC
Dressed up for the wedding
Emily and Brian
Spending some time in the sun after the ceremony -- Sadie helps herself to Grampy's ice

Macy tries my abandoned heels, with Grandma's help
Brian and Grandma
Harper, Doug, and my cousin Anne...Harper's older brother, Beckett, was probably busy "running away"
The Igo grandparents and grandchildren
A maid of honor sandwich -- Mary (left) and Katie (right)
Auntie Aubrey with Sadie
Uncle KC and Macy
Emily and Uncle Harry
My aunt and uncle hosted us again for a really nice brunch on Sunday, before all the out-of-town guests had to head back home.  It was a perfect opportunity for a giant family photo, including all the Savages, former Savages, significant others, and related families.

Plus a few more...
Grandma Savage, the Savage sibs, plus grandchildren, great grandchildren, and significant others
Baby Harper, Doug, and Aunt Sam
The weather was beautiful, but very hot in the sun, so the twins made sure to stay hydrated.  (I think they were mostly just excited to be able to hold the glasses and drink all on their own.)
Aubrey and KC, affectionate and agreeable siblings as always

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