Sunday, November 18, 2012

NC Aquarium!

Yesterday we went over to Manteo to check out the local aquarium, which we heard had stingrays...

The rumors were true.  Some of us pet the stingrays.  I didn't, but I did pet a sea urchin (or something).  Also, the aquarium had a hurricane simulator, a live alligator show (where they girls got to pet a baby alligator), a sea turtle rescue center, a bunch of fish and sharks, and something the girls called a "crocodile zoo" (which did have some alligators, but also snapping turtles, regular painted turtles, and some otters).

Sand tiger shark (aka snaggle tooth)

Otherwise, the day was just hanging out.  Made delicious Caesar salad to go with spaghetti for dinner.  The girls helped...

We were hoping to go down to the beach at dusk to do some crabbing (chasing sand crabs with a flashlight and scooping them into buckets), but our crabbing scouts reported no crabs :(

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