Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Made it to Greece

So, Greece is 7 hours ahead of Boston time.  I think I have been mostly awake since...8am Monday morning.  Definitely very tired.  But, it's nearly time for bed here, so I should get in sync pretty quick.

We got into Santorini at around 2pm Greece time and fairly quickly found our hotel, the beach, and lots of delicious feta.  The island is really cool.  It's a caldera formed when the volcano in the center of the island (which is still active) erupted around 1600 BC, called the Minoan Eruption.  Phyllis Forsyth says it was "one of the most violent volcanic eruptions ever since human beings have been on this planet!"  Apparently, it was quite the event and even trickled its way into Greek mythology.  (Hear Leonard Nimoy narrate part of the history here.)  Anyway, the result is really interesting -- I'm hoping to get pics tomorrow or Thursday.

In the meantime, here are pics from today:

View outside our room (Ancient Thira sits at the top of the hill in the distance)
View from inside our room...kinda pretty

Kamara black sand beach, Anafi in the distance. 

Nevermind about the whole gluten-free thing...
This one goes out to Trevor, who appreciates the artistry of photographing your dinner :)

Feta, wrapped in phyllo, fried, drizzled with honey and sesame seeds.  There are no words to explain how delicious this is.  As good as sopapillas, Aubrey.

View from the balcony

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