Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rio Javari and Igarape Irari

The boat was moving most of the morning and finally stopped around midday along the Javari, near the Igarape Irari.  Turns out, this area is plagued with piums*, which are teeny tiny black flies who don't care about bug repellent, and who leave behind a tiny pinprick of blood.  The only way to avoid them is clothing, so everyone is covering up and avoiding the top deck. 

In the afternoon, we loaded into the canoes for an exploration of the Igarape Irari.  Kari and I ended up on a boat with Junior, Everisto, Mauri, Dave, Caryn, and Peter.  We saw a pretty collared trogon (brown, red, and white bird), a sleeping ghost bat (white with orange ears), some monk saki monkeys, and some squirrel monkeys.  We also encountered an old man who was carving an oar and soaking his manioc in the river. 

(Here I am going to have to borrow from Mary and from Caryn and Peter, who captured some great pics.  As always, you can click on each pic and then zoom in for a closer look, if you like.)

Mary's beautiful shot of a white-throated toucan
...and her pic of a crimson-crested woodpecker
Peter and Caryn's shot of some scarlet macaws (zoom in to see how pretty!)
The Monk Saki monkey posing for them
Peter and Caryn!
The old man, also posing for them
Here's a fun Where's Waldo challenge for you:
Can you find the squirrel monkey?
How about now?
In the evening, we returned to the same area for a later afternoon/evening exploration, and we saw many birds, including a plum-throated continga, a paradise tanager, and a very pretty hummingbird with a long quill-like tail -- later determined to be a fiery topaz hummingbird. 

We finished off the night by staying up with Junior learning to play Brazilian dominoes.  I didn't even know non-Brazilian dominoes and I am hopeless at remembering games, but it was fun!  It is worth mentioning that Junior was wandering around the boat in a pair of leggings that we suspected he got from Bia -- a fairly good indicator of how much even the crew hates those horrible piums!

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