Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ribeiro Lake

Sick today :(

Not sure if it was the heat or the sun (I did get sunburned, somehow, despite long sleeves and sunscreen), or the motion sickness from last night, or something else (food? anti-malarial meds?), but I felt super nauseous and pass-y out-y today.  Stayed on the boat and drank electrolyte water and watched a bunch of boto (pink river dolphins) and tucuxi (gray freshwater dolphins) swimming around the boat.  No pictures and no explorations for me!

Thanks to Mary, you can see some of the things I missed:

Adorable baby three-toed sloth with its mom.
Can you spot the creature?
Here it is!
Just chillin'
Every evening, Cindy and Junior led us through a checklist of birds and other creatures to document what we'd seen for the day.  Clockwise from the bottom left: Mike, Junior, Barbara, Cindy, Caryn, Kari, me, and Charlie.  (Mary is behind the camera, of course.)

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