Sunday, June 26, 2011

I love Cameron the most.

I made it!
The flight(s) were interesting, and I met a whole heap of new people, especially 5 amazingly cute but amazingly loud babies on my flights! There was a slight delay which held up all of them, but it was all right, i'll live! Kim, Cameron and Jack picked me up at the Airport, and it was a real pleasure to see them all.

Cameron is definitely my favorite cousin by far! We spent the day in the city of Melbourne, visiting many galleries and walking around the streets and lanes of Melbourne. I loved the art galleries, in particular the National Gallery of Victoria's Ian Potter gallery, where we saw many pieces of aboriginal art. Many of the pieces symbolized gatherings, waterholes, and different rituals or spiritual "dream-time" stories. We saw the main tourist attractions of Melbourne, Flinders Street Station, The Zoo, DeGraves Street, The Sunday Market, The Melbourne Arts Centre (including the amazing dry water wall!) Etihad Stadium and the MCG, the Yarra River, Federation Square, and the Eureka Tower.

Walking around today, I really enjoyed the perfect Australian weather. I reckon it would have been about 65 degrees in the middle of winter! Eat your heart out Boston!

Anyways, I am about to sit down to an amazing roast lamb dinner, with a Caesar Salad and Tzatziki dip and bread, so I have to leave you with that! I love Australia so far, and I will write again tomorrow!

Love Sarah

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