Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thanks to my guest blogger (and cousin), Cam, for that wonderful entry.  Unfortunately, he forgot the pics.  Here are some of my first shots from Australia...
First view of Australian ground at Brisbane Airport.
(Sadly, my entire 13 hr flight from LA to Brisbane was spent in the center of a nine-seat row, so...not much of a view from the air.)

And, to my confusion, this was the magazine at all the seats in the domestic Australian flight:
Voyeur?  What is going on here?
In all of my preparations for this trip, I only really thought as far as getting to Australia, so when I landed in Melbourne, I wasn't really sure what to do.  No cell phone.  No internet.  No address for my fam.  I kind of just hoped and assumed that they might know where to find me.  And they did!  (Sorta...)  So, they grabbed me and brought me to their place.
Pretty :)
Then, as Cam said, we headed out to see Melbourne.  
Jack, Cameron, and my Aunt Kim.

This is Flinders St. Station, sort of like Melbourne's version of Grand Central Station.
(You may also recognize it as the new and improved background for this blog.)

And across the street, St. Paul's Cathedral

And now, we (me, Kim, Heather, and Cam) are all up and getting ready to leave for another part of Victoria, the Grampians.  (Poor Jack and my Uncle Trevor have school and work...)  Cam and Heather will take turns driving, as they are both adding on driving practice hours for their licenses.  We'll be visiting "a lot of country towns on the way", Hall's Gap, Lorne, Cape Otway, the Great Ocean Road, the 12 Apostles, and others (not necessarily in that order).  So, I hope to have more pics soon.  Maybe even video?


  1. Beautiful! Are you planning to live out the plot of The Messenger while you're there?