Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And more videos!

Finally, I've gotten together some of the vids from our trip to the Healesville Sanctuary. 

The first is an Australian Pelican, who was giant.  I was afraid he was going to bite one of the little Australian children.

These next videos were taken during a presentation about different native birds.  Sorry if the shot is sort of all over the place or makes you nauseous.  I was laughing a lot at the birds (with the birds), and there were also lots of little kids jostling me.  

Bernice the Black-breasted Buzzard was adorable.  WAY nicer than our North American buzzards, which are kind of gross.  This one also shows off some really impressive tool-using skills.

Kevin!  Kevin was possibly my favorite bird (though I REALLY liked Bernice).  Still, Kevin is hilarious.  Mostly because his name is Kevin.

And last but not least, another cute koala.  This one was almost close enough to touch :)

What else?  I still need to post some pics of Jack and videos of Aussie Rules Football.  Maybe I can even get Cameron to make a "Best Of" montage from his Roosters game...

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