Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

A busy day here today!  Started off with brunch with Rachel, and then Lindsay joined us for some prep tasks for Rachel's wedding in October.  Rachel wanted to make some pearl necklaces for the bridesmaids (me and Lindsay) and we also needed to make her birdcage veil.  Success on both counts.  Veil turned out to be super easy.  We went back to Rachel's to see her dress, which was recently finished and turned out perfectly.  Also made a brief trip to Graeter's for some mocha chip ice cream.  Some more wedding planning stuff on the books for tomorrow...

We also got to see some more family in town to visit.  Aunt Kari and cousins Hannah and Eli came to town and got to advise on the wedding prep and visit a bit with baby Max.

Really cool detail on the  back
It comes with built-in wings!

After dinner and some visiting, we headed back to Dublin for the fireworks, which were NOT cancelled, thanks to a brief break in the rain.  We met Brian & Co. at the high school, where they had a tent set up and were listening to this year's musical guest, Chicago.

Waiting for dark
Both of the twins were happy to share their umbrellas

Met up with Christina and Caroline

Brian got the girls some light sabers (of course)

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