Monday, July 1, 2013

Hocking Hills

KC and I had planned to take a trip to Hocking Hills to canoe or kayak or something, but the forecast was bad.  Also, I'd agreed to try out riding as a passenger on his new bike, so he drove me to the local breakfast place and then down the road near our old house.  He's a good driver, but I was still worried that I'd be flying off the back of the bike at some point.
KC with the new bike

Old house -- when a new family bought it years ago, they took down a lot of trees and whatnot.
Now it looks really different...

Brian's old tree-fort tree is still around.  (Some of the climbing planks are still there.)

The house seems much smaller than I remember, but the cherry tree is huge!  I am jealous.

As we were driving around, we realized that the weather was actually great, so went ahead down to Hocking Hills to kayak and hike.  It was really pretty.  Also, we were told that the area is the second most biodiverse place in the world, with the Amazon being #1.  Interesting...KC says it's because of the variety of ecosystems created by the underground caves, river, sandstone hills, forests, etc.  We saw...a turtle and a spider.  And KC confirmed the presence of catfish in the river.  AND we managed to miss the storms, though they created a pretty sunset for our drive home.

KC, looking forward to the trip.

Hocking River
The Upper Falls near Old Man's Cave
Devil's Bathtub
(from the other side of the "drain")

Looking out from under Old Man's Cave

The view from 270 North

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