Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kiddie Cars and El Vaquero!

Last night we had a cookout with the whole family and a few family friends.  Afterwards, the girls were surprised with the arrival of a belated birthday gift (which had to be picked up from the store): a child-sized motorized Jeep.  I was impressed by their driving skills (especially Macy) and their mad cackling (especially Sadie).  I'll try and post a video, which is actually fairly long, but cute!

A local Mexican favorite, El Vaquero, was the destination tonight.  Macy had requested the novel experience of walking to the restaurant, which is actually pretty close to my brother's house.  Still, it was quite a jaunt (in the heat) for two four-year-olds (and some adults), and we were all very proud of ourselves.  After dinner, the girls "fed" tortilla chips to the ducks out back and got some lessons on skipping stones.  KC did more than his share of the work on the walk home, acting as entertainment and vehicle.  The nieces LOVE Uncle KC.

On the walk home, Macy told me that she was very close to skipping stones.  "I almost got it!"

Clearly, my skills are not up to par.  I did not obey commands like "carry me on your head!" or "RUN!!!!"

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